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Empower Your Job Search with AI-Powered Resume Optimization, Interview Tools, and Application Tracking

We got this

Upload your resume

Enter the job you seek

Use AI to make sure your resume has the key words


Use AI to get background on the job

Use AI to review sample interview questions

Take “cue cards” with you to the interview

We get you

Job hunting takes time?  We help you track and organize

Over a 100 resumes to get an interview?  No prob, we help you update and track them

Land an interview? We give you the “cue cards” you need to do your best

Got no money?  We have a free version

We even help you calendar and track it all — in one place

Clear Simple Pricing

No “gotcha’s” like making you pay to save your resume after you did all the work. 
OpenAI is not free, highly recommend, but there are pass through costs that you will need to cover.
We got your back, go get the job you deserve.  Now.

Current Top Action Words

  • achieved

  • improved

  • resolved

  • spearheaded

  • coordinated

  • maximized

  • increased

  • delegated

  • streamlined

  • generated

Current Top Interview Prep Questions

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • What are your greatest strengths?

  • What are your greatest weaknesses?

Resumes in Learning Set


AI Fetches

We wrote the software that grew the nation’s leading Resume company 10X.

 Thousands of resumes, thousands of jobs sought, all of that experience working to get you your dream job.

Decades in the making, starting as stored Bayesian database procedures.  Then the decades long journey through probabilistic models, neural networks, recurrent neural networks, and finally to transformers–such as OpenAPI.  This site leverages all of that, including ChatGPT (if you help us cover our cost) to get you even better results.

To be honest, there is not a lot of money to be made in resumes, unless you are really, really good.  So this project is not about money (we have real jobs during the day), it is about getting you, and those who depend on and believe in you, a job that allows you to thrive and exceed your potential.

 So to all of those major job sites, who kept telling us that you had technology like this “coming”, or that is was “really hard to do”, in all of those meetings, over all of those years — it is right here.  Working.  Getting our users better jobs at speed.

Welcome to our Karma project — enjoy.